Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Succulents on the Desert Coastline

OneStonedCrow Pics
Succulents On The Namibian Coastline

After the good rains in 2006, the usually drab coastal area near Luderitz was transformed by the appearance of these succulents. Unfortunately I arrived about a week too late to catch them at their best. They look like they're made out of plastic hey?

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  1. Yes and most unusual. Are they edible? They don't look so, but when you say succulents, I imagine sweet and juice.

  2. Hey OG ... no, as far as I know they're not edible ... i would imagine that they're quite bitter to taste ... I don't know whether any animals browse them either ...

    2006 was a good rainfall year and the desert scenery changed spectacularly ...

  3. WOW...amazing what beautiful colors sprout from the meanest of soils

  4. yes indeed ... and what makes it even more spectacular is that these events don't occur every year ...

  5. What an amazing pic (the first one) red 'flowers" in the desert - wow - very interesting, nature is hey?!? Great pics, thanks for visitng my blog! happy new year Gena

  6. Hi, I have a brazilian blog about succulents. I can use some your pictures? Do you know what specie is?

    1. Bom Dia Lidiane - please feel free to use any pictures you like ... I have quite a few posts on desert plants and succulents ... you can find them under the 'plants' 'succulents' and 'desert' tags ...

    2. ... sorry, no, ... I don't know what species they are ...